Why is Fragrance so Important in Candles?

You must first understand what fragrances are and how they are perceived by the individual. Whatever the source there are fragrance molecules that are released into the air from its origin. Some of these molecules enter the nasal passage when we breathe. They come in contact with the sensitive nerve endings in the sinus cavity. When this happens a stimulus is created which is transmitted through the nerve passages to the brain. This stimulus is retained as a memory in the brain. It can be perceived as pleasant or unpleasant.

For example, when you were young, your mother might have introduced you to a strawberry. She might have said “Look, honey. This is a strawberry, smell it, doesn’t it smell good? You will love it.” As you smelled its aroma and the stimulus was registered in your brain, your mother’s influence may have created a good memory about strawberries. On the other hand, if you were having an “off” day, you might have registered it as being unpleasant. Stimuli, depending on external influences, mental attitude, and physical well-being can be registered as favorable or unfavorable.

While fragrances have limited ability to physically benefit us, the ones we choose as our favorites will definitely affect how we feel mentally and emotionally. Certain fragrance types have been studied and reactions to these fragrances have been identified. Some bring about feelings of calm and relaxation, while others can be more stimulating and enhancing, and others romantic and engaging. It has been shown that the most favorable choice for women is Lavender and for men, Cinnamon Bun. Whatever your choice, only you are able to identify the fragrance or family of fragrances that fits you the best.

How many of you have just stared at the flame of a candle and found it difficult to look away?
Having a meal with candle light enhances your pleasure. Add some fragrance and multiply your enjoyment.

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