Sale on Bayberry 8 oz Jar Candles For Limited Time

Christmas time is fast approaching, and bayberry candles will be in high demand.  We have put our 8 oz Bayberry soy jar candles on sale for a limited time.  These bayberry candles come in a modern looking glass jar with straight sides and a flat lid.  This scented candle will burn for around 70 to 80 hours.  There are a few poems related to the bayberry candle and the Christmas season.  Here is a version of one of those poems.

“Here’s a Bayberry Candle that’s meant just for you,
With Holiday Tradition that’s tried and true.
When you light this candle on Christmas Eve Day,
Love and Luck come to you when it’s burned all the way!”

Adding this poem with this candle would make a nice gift for a friend or relative too.

What do you think?