Trick to Fix a Candle Ring That Slides Down the Holder

pillar on holder

I got a call the other day from a customer who had purchased a 4 inch candle ring to use with her pillar holders.  The problem was that the candle rings were just a bit too big to sit on the lip of the holder and would slide down to the bottom.  She wanted to return the rings since they wouldn’t work with the holders and I told her that would be fine.  I decided I should come up with a quick, easy, DIY solution using stuff nearly everyone already has in their homes… so here we go.

The Problem

The candle ring is too big to sit on the candle holder you want to use. For this DIY trick, I used a 4 inch candle ring with a 3 inch candle holder. You can in this picture how much bigger the ring is than the holder, the red circle show where the inside diameter of the ring is.

The Supplies

The only thing I needed to fix the problem and get the candle ring to sit up around the base of my candle was 2 popsicle sticks.  If you don’t have those in your house already you can also use wooden skewers or cut the straight section of a coat hanger into 2 pieces long enough for what you need. Anything straight and the right length can work.  The 4 items that I will use to make up my display are the candle ring, holder, 4 inch pillar candle, and large candle ring.

The Process

All you need to do is set the popsicle sticks on your holder so that the ends stick out far enough off the to support the candle ring.  Then put your candle on top of the popsicle sticks.  I found it is easier to put the candle on first and then the candle ring because the weight on the pillar keeps the sticks from moving around.



Once you have everything in the position that you want, you can slide your ring down around the pillar.  Rest it on the ends of the popsicle sticks that are sticking out from between the top of the holder and the candle.  If the ends are sticking out too far and are easily noticeable, you can trim them off to make them shorter.  Here is what the end result looks like.



So if you happen to be working on a new display for your home and have a ring you know would work great but don’t have a large enough holder, this simple DIY trick should help you out.

What do you think?